Fortnite – Save The World Mode Won’t Be Free-To-Play This Year

According to Epic, the Save the World mode in Fortnite isn’t planned to become free to play this year. If you don’t know what it is, Save the World is the mode that isn’t Battle Royale.

Save the World mode

Ever since it became available in 2017 as it entered early access development, this Save the World mode was only available to the people who were willing to acquire a special ‘campaign pack’ that started at about £32.99. For a while, it was expected that it would become free to play sometime in 2018.

So, what happened?

Epic explained in its latest State of Development post that this move away from paid early access would be postponed until the work is finished on “a broad set of features, reworks, and backend system scaling we believe are needed to go free-to-play.”

What did Epic say?

The developer said that “save the World has grown consistently since our launch in July 2017 and Fortnite overall has experienced unprecedented growth. Scaling up for the legions of player heroes who will be joining the fight is key to providing an excellent experience. This applies to all of our players, old and new, so we’re taking the time to get this right.”

Fortnitemares event

Soon we will enter the Fortnitemare event, and Epic revealed some surprises. Apparently, in a way to thank new and old founders, Epic will give away Brainiac Jonesy and Skull Ranger Ramirez, the Halloween-themed heroes. Until now, we don’t know precisely when the festivities will commence.

However, if we pay attention to the developer’s recent tweets, we should expect the event to start soon enough. Those curious minds that would like to try out Save the World should know that there’s a 50% discount on different packs of the game, starting this week.

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