3 Simple Steps to Download your Data from Apple

Great news for the U.S Apple users! The company made available to download a copy of their own data to the U.S customers. If you request your data from Apple, they will send you information about your account, iCloud, the history for purchases etc, only the data Apple think is useful to keep. The customers in Canada, New Zealand and Australia can also ask for data.

Data from Siri, Maps and Apple news, for example, are stored in the device and anonymous, so they cannot get those. More information about what they can and can not send you, can be found on their support page.

The first step for requesting a copy of data from Apple is to go to Apple’s privacy portal privacy.apple.com. Log in with your personal Apple ID and password and answer to the authentication questions if they pup up.

After you log in and on the page, click on “Obtain a copy of your data”. You have the option to select everything or chose exactly what data you want to download. Also, you can divide the data in smaller parts, like a book with chapters.

The third and last step is to verify your account. Apple may ask you question for the security and privacy. After this verification steps, you get a notification when the data starts to download and when it will be ready for you to open it. There is an expiration time of two weeks for you to download the zip file.

The Apple Company refreshes its privacy pages after a new product is released. In 2015 the company changed completely their traditional privacy policy by going more  transparent than any other device.

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