Revolve8 – An Upcoming Game Inspired by Clash Royale

A real-time strategy game for Android and iOS, Revolve8 has just been announced by Sega. This title, which was created by Masayoshi Kikuchi and Koji Igarashi, is heavily inspired by Clash Royale.

Just three minutes to win a battle

As it is in the case of Clash Royale, a player has to compile a deck of eight cards, each of them having its strong and weak points. Once the deck is completed, the player has just three minutes to win the battle by destroying all towers of the opponent. It does not sound too complicated, but the complexity of cards and their various skills can be used to create some truly magnificent strategies.

Three types of decks

While developing a strategy, it is extremely important to fully understand what strengths and weaknesses the cards have. These can be divided into four categories: Heroes, Buildings, Magic and Minions.

When it comes to the decks, there are three types of them. The game automatically assigns one of them to the deck that a player creates, which can be very helpful in the process of developing a strategy. These three types of decks are:

  • assault decks – they let you attack your enemies and fight direct battles against them;
  • counter decks – as their name suggests, they are very useful in the counter-attack strategies;
  • siege decks – they are allowing a player to attack opponents from a long distance;

There are two skill types

Every hero has two different types of skill, Normal Skill and Special Skill. The former can be used by one of the heroes every 30 seconds, while the latter can be used only by the deck leader and just once. The correct usage of the skills is very important, as it can always change the fate of the battle.

Starting with October 10th, you can register for the Closed Beta Test on the official website of Revolve8.

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