According to the CDC, some dogs are linked to an infection resistant to multiple drugs

Lately, there have been questions regarding a bacterial infection of man’s best friend that is resistant to all sorts of drugs. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention released recently a report that shows that the answer to these questions is ‘yes’.

The CDC together with the local and state health and agriculture departments launched an investigation in multiple states, announcing concerning results. Apparently, there are 118 people, 29 of whom work in a pet store, spread out across 18 states who were apparently infected with the Campylobacter jejuni bacteria. The infections became apparent sometime between January 2016 and February 2018.

From these, at least 26 had to be admitted into a hospital but so far there were no reported deaths. According to the CDC, the source of infection could have been traced back to the puppies which were sold in the respective pet stores and there are at least 105 people who stated that they have been in contact with dogs before they became ill.

Pet store puppies are not to blame, although there are at least 101 people that had contact with them before they claimed their infection. In a report, the CDC officials said that “this outbreak demonstrates that puppies can be a source of multidrug-resistant Campylobacter infections in humans, warranting a closer look at antimicrobial use in the commercial dog industry. No single breeder, distributor, or transporter was identified as the infection source”.

After finding the right solution from a specialized expert who has the appropriate knowledge and expertise to treat your animal, you should always strive to learn more about the proper care for your pet in order to prevent concerning symptomatology from recurring. It’s also advised to seek help for yourself as well after going through such a traumatic experience that definitely triggers massive amounts of stress. Such therapeutic advice is usually offered by a well-prepared counselor from BetterHelp.

However, if you listen to the advices of the CDC, you’ll see that it is not a must to resort to antibiotics. In order to avoid it, you should opt for proper hygiene and animal husbandry practices. These have been proven to act as real barriers against infections with Campylobacter.

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