Minnesota Mother Didn’t Even Know She Was Pregnant

Duluth, MN – Trish Staine is the mother of a large blended family consisting of two children with her husband and his three older boys from his prior marriage.

Trish was setting out for a personal accomplishment to run in the 2018 Garry Bjorklund Half-Marathon (13.1 miles) set for June 22.

This past Monday, Trish took part in an intense workout which left her feeling constricting back pain. At first, she believed she may have overworked herself and was experiencing “runner’s pain” which given her half-marathon preparations was not unreasonable. However, the pain quickly became more than she was able to bear prompting her husband to call emergency assistance.

Once at the hospital, she was informed she was not only pregnant, but in labor.

Staine is no stranger to pregnancy with her two children ages 11 and 7. However, her husband had undergone a vasectomy. At first, she explains she was incredulous but the doctors were not wrong and shortly thereafter she was the proud mother of a healthy six pound six ounce baby girl.

Staine hadn’t shown any of the traditional signs of a pregnancy such as the baby bump and weight gain. Nevertheless, she and her husband are happy to be parents once more.

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